In Italy, Molinari stands for Sambuca. In the world, its name evokes the concept of “Made in Italy” and its premium quality standards.

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Daniel Mogos
Daniele D’Orazi
Leonida Alfieri
Alessandro Tiberio


Sambuca Extra, since 1945

The history of Molinari is not just the history of a company or a brand, it is instead the story of a name that became an institution both in Italy and worldwide, a name so important it is synonymous with the drink itself. 

Back in 1945, in Civitavecchia, Angelo Molinari, an experienced and skilled ‘liquorista’, establishes the company and creates a first-class product, with an unmistakable flavour: ‘Sambuca Extra’.

What did they need from us?

Molinari is a brand built on heritage. Their next challenge was to turn that distinct Molinari taste into an online identity that would resonate with a new generation of digital natives. Our solution was an effective digital and social media strategy that could interpret the brand.

1 glass, 1 bottle
200+ Artworks and Ads

Tradition translated: a dynamic new digital identity

Making use of carefully curated imagery to bring the brand to life, starting with Facebook, and later moving onto Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, we created a meaningful social presence.

Our team managed everything from copy to artwork, and the aim was to reach a new, younger audience. We made it happen with Facebook ads and tailored campaigns targeting the 25-35 year old demographic.

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