East-meets-west. A luxury brand inspired by the artisanal heritage of Asian civilisations. Designed for the discerning, global citizen.

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A digital presence for a luxury brand

Varana is about timeless style and inherent luxury. With a focus on artisanal technique combined with contemporary design, their effortlessly elegant collections mix eastern and western influences.

Varana is a concept-led luxury brand where east and west come together creating products of beauty and meaning.

Varana draws upon the vast heritage of craftsmanship and design of Asian civilisations, and reinterprets their vocabulary through a modern gaze. Varana’s products culture, filling the heart with a quiet joy. are for the intelligent global citizen who delights in discovery and values experience over acquisition.


The Philosophy

The narrative features three posts, which work as three chapters of a story. Although the three posts will not be published at the same time, they will complete each other.

Story 1

Story 2

Story 3

Tryptich 2

Tryptich 3

Product and Crafts, the priority, as we need to create brand awareness.

Product is about Varana’s collections, treated in a more institutional/corporate way.

Product/Narrative is a collection of product-related images, including: Details, Crops, Crafts, et al. This kind of post is still related to Varana’s products, but in a more subtle way, showing the techniques and heritage behind the garments. It is also the best way to educate the customers, and show the uniqueness of the clothes.

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